This page contains links to sources for literary texts.

BLAALogo.jpg - Extensive library of digital texts (including children's literature, non-fiction, and museums) from Colombia


CuentosCortos.jpg - A collection of short stories in Spanish, organized by genre, character type, and category (such as classic fairy tales)

CuentosPopularesDeCastillaYLeon.JPG - Contains print versions of each story, and some have coloring pages and games related to the stories as well.

Educapeques.png - A collection of children's stories in Spanish, including class children's stories, fables, legends, interactive stories, and video stories

EjemplosDeTextos.JPG - Links to a collection of expository texts


EscritoresChilenos.jpg - Links to brief biographies, interviews, short stories, texts, etc., from famous Chilean writers

ImaginaLeeLogo.png - Beautiful site containing readings, interviews, and book trailers in Spanish for a number of famous Spanish-speaking authors (Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Márquez, Elena Poniatowska, Juan Rulfo, etc.) as well as other authors like Ray Bradbury.

InternationalChildrensDigitalLibraryLogo.gif - Searchable database of children's books in a wide variety of languages (including Arabic, Chinese, Croation, Farsi, Filipino, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mongolian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, & Thai), categorized by age, color of cover, genre, length, topic, etc., that can be read online

LecturasParaLosMayores1A10.JPG - Links to several texts on different topics (including El Cid), followed by interactive comprehension quizzes (See also poesías interactivas)

Legends&FolktalesLogo.jpg- Click on the map to launch the animated folktales in a separate tab. Folktales are subtitled in the language in which they are spoken. Some of them offer choices of English or Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, etc.

LecturasAlumno.JPG - This fantastic site (Currículum en línea) from Chile contains literary texts in Spanish related to language arts, mathematics, natural sciences, and visual arts (including some multimedia texts). Once you select the category, the texts are organized by grade level (for Chile).


LibrivoxLogo.jpg - Select Spanish as the language to access hundreds of culturally authentic stories, poems, and
other texts from a variety of Spanish-speaking authors and genres.

NarrativaRadial.png - Links to essays and stories narrated for radio (some are very imaginative)

PlateroYYo.JPG - Very short passage, followed by a variety of online comprehension activities, which teachers can adapt if they log in

Radioteca.png - Links to audio texts, read/performed by native speakers, and searchable by language, country, topic, and type of text (commentaries, interviews, legends, news, news magazines, radio novels, radio plays, podcasts, poetry, reports, short stories, songs, etc.)