This page contains resources for dual language immersion teachers of French.

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Book Reports

FeuillesTombeesDunLivre.JPG - Worksheet with space for students to copy their favorite paragraph from a text and then illustrate it (you could give this worksheet as homework and then use it as the basis for a discussion activity the next day)

LisLisonsLisez.JPG - A very nice form you can for scaffolding a book review in French

TacaPresenterUnLivre.JPG - A series of "I can" statements in French that outlines the steps for presenting a book (Bookmark version available here)

Culturally Authentic Materials in French

Lesson Plans & Pedagogical Resources

DixMois.JPG- An absolutely FABULOUS blog filled with free, high quality materials in French for literacy development, as well as for many other content areas

Le petit Nicolas

The Little Prince

PetitsTheatresAImprimir.JPG - Free, printable mini puppet theatres and characters for a variety of fairy tales from Canon

ReCreatisse.png - Content-based, literature-based lesson plans with links to useful materials, worksheets, and culturally authentic YouTube videos in French


Feuille Organisation - A graphic organizer in French with space for a thesis, problem, hypothesis, three claims, and 3 pieces of supporting evidence per claim

HistoireEnImages.JPG - A series of picture worksheets with organizational cues written next to each picture in French to guide students through describing basic processes or a series of events


TicketPourUneQuestion.JPG - Multiple tickets on a page that you can print and distribute to students for use in a variety of questioning activities

Quotes About Reading

Lire.JPG - A one-page poster containing various quotes in French about reading

Reading Aloud

CAPE.JPG - A one-page mnemonic for helping students learn to read aloud effectively that contains things to do and things not to do--both in the first person form (Bookmark version available here)

Reading Comprehension Activities

ApprendreAuxElevesAQuestionnerLesTextes.JPG - Intriguing analysis and examples of how to teach students to question a text using an inductive, collaborative approach

LesActivitesDeLectureComprehension.JPG - A series of different types of reading comprehension activities that actively engage students with the text and foster critical thinking (includes really interesting activities for reading aloud, making inferences, and summarizing the text; explore the navigation on the left for links to additional materials, rubrics, etc.)

Text Selection

ChoisirUnLivre.JPG - A very nicely designed set of worksheets in French for teaching students how to select a text at the appropriate reading level for independent reading

JElisUnLivre.JPG - Simple graphic organizer in French that outlines basic steps students can use to evaluate their selection of a book for independent reading


EnchainementDesIdees.JPG - Interactive quiz in French that tests (in French) basic rules/principles of using transitions

IntroductionAuxMarqueursDeRelation.JPG - Interactive exercises that ask students to identify transitional words from paragraphs in French and to select synonyms in French to replace them

Marqueurs de relation - Simple table that lists the function, definition, and examples of various transitional words and phrases in French

- See pp. 284-285 for a nice, two-page table

Tableau 1 : Typologie des marqueurs de relation - One-page PDF chart that lists sample transitional words, relationships they express, roles, and examples (all in French)


Manger.jpg - Synonyms for manger (example of a poster students could create, or of posters teachers could display to help students acquire and use more academic language when writing in French)

VocabulaireOrganisateursGraphiques.JPG - Several different graphic organizers for helping students to identify and define vocabulary from texts


5Lignes.JPG - Images and links to a variety of different types of student writing projects in French

6TableauxPourUneHistoire.JPG - Storyboard graphic organizer in French

StrategiesDEcritureDansLaFormationSpecifique.JPG - Pedagogical materials for teaching students to write in different genres in French, complete with examples (CV, lab report, professional letter, technical report, etc.)

Professional Reading

FichesDeLectures.JPG - Links to a variety of different articles in French about teaching reading